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Florrie Flamingo's First Ballet Class

Florrie Flamingo's First Ballet Class


Florrie Flamingo's First Ballet Class is a Children's Book designed for Ballet Teachers as a fun and Fanciful way to welcome dancers to their first dance class. 


Join Florrie Flamingo on this new adventure as she joins Bella Bear at her very first ballet class. Florrie meets friends in class who have been dancing ballet for a while, including Swanhilda Swan and Oscar Ostrich. Although Florrie loves ballet she has a difficult time mastering all the moves in this first ballet class, but Bella Bear sees potential in her. With a little hard work, practice and determination she thinks Florrie Flamingo can be a ballerina yet!

Ballet Teachers will love how this class can be incorporated right into your daily class flow. Ballet Terminology and accurate images of movements are included. We introduce Boys to ballet in this book with the introduction of Oscar Ostrich. Images are bright and colorful and take your dancers into Bella Bear’s Ballet Studio as they learn ballet with Florrie Flamingo.

Why Kids and Teachers LOVE this Book:

    • 14 Beautiful Hand-Drawn Illustrations
    • 31 Pages
    • Hand Drawn Illustrations
    • Perfect Tool for Teaching Preschool Dance and PreBallet Classes
    • Learn Ballet Terminology
    • Designed to Improve Reading Readiness and Comprehension in Preschool Aged Children
    • Ages 3-10
    • Grades PreK-6th
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