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Florrie Flamingo© Studios!

You can now grow your preschool dance program with Florrie Flamingo©. Florrie Flamingo© was created by retired professional ballet dancer, Jessica Clayton. Jessica has always dreamed of having a set of illustrated characters to use while teaching her in-school dance classes through Exploration Kids! Enrichment. Now you can harness the benefits of Florrie Flamingo© to grow your preschool dance program by becoming a licensed Florrie Flamingo© Studio! 

Becoming a licensed Florrie Flamingo© studio is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Pay your Licensing Fee, set up your monthly subscription and agree to the Licensing Agreement

Step 2: Order your Book Copies and Flash cards (Licensed studios receive products at 50% off regular prices)


Step 3: Provide your studio's logo for custom marketing materials and images for social media and web advertising

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How Can Florrie Flamingo© Grow your Preschool Dance Program? 

  • Fun + Fancy! Florrie Flamingo© was created by a professional ballerina to help dancers learn ballet movements and terminology in a fun + fanciful way!

  • Not your average Preschool Dance Program. Florrie Flamingo© provides an opportunity for your studio to offer unique PreBallet classes that are different from your neighboring studios. In today's world, where there is a dance studio on nearly every corner, Florrie Flamingo© will provide your dance studio with an opportunity to stand out from the crowd!

  • Proven Curriculum! The Florrie Flamingo© Books and Lesson Plans were created as part of the Dance to Learn® Curriculum. This curriculum was designed with the whole child in mind and is focused on captivating all 4 learning types in every class, Classes are choregraphed from beginning to end to ensure that students experience a full brain and body learning exploration. Florrie Flamingo© makes this learning and exploration FUN! 

  • Merchandise! As a licensed Florrie Flamingo© studio, you receive access to all of our children's books, flashcards, and any future merchandise that becomes available at 50% off the regular price. You can order up to 100 copies of books at a time, or 50 flash card sets to resell to the families at your studio! 

  • Branded Advertising Materials. Licensed Florrie Flamingo© studios receive personalized marketing materials with your studio's logo, to assist in the growth and marketing of our program! Also, as a licensed Florrie Flamingo© Studio, you receive permission to use the Florrie Flamingo© name & logo on your studio's website, images and social media pages. 

  • Free Studio Listing. Your Studio will be listed on our Florrie Flamingo© Studio page for parents looking for Florrie Flamingo© classes in their area! 

  • Members Only Facebook Group. You will receive access to the Florrie Flamingo© Licensed Studios Facebook group where you can request help and advice from other studios, teacher training videos, first access to new lesson plans, books or teaching materials, and more! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What are the fees associated with becoming a Florrie Flamingo© licensed studio? 

To become a licensed Florrie Flamingo© studio, you will pay a one time licensing fee of $150. This is a one-time fee for the lifetime of your license. In addition to this fee, you will pay a monthly subscription fee of $25/month to access Florrie Flamingo© lesson plans, and activities to include inside your Florrie Flamingo© ballet classes. 

+ Are there any annual fees? 

There are no additional annual fees to keep your license active. Your $25/month subscription fee provides you with your Florrie Flamingo© studio lesson plans, teaching materials, advertising materials, discounted merchandise, and the Licensed Studio Facebook Group. 

+ Do I have to Purchase Merchandise?

You are not required to purchase any Florrie Flamingo© Merchandise for your studio, however, the benefits of Merchandising provides an amazing opportunity for additional revenue inside your program. 

+ How many Teachers in my Studio can access the Lesson Plans and Teaching Materials?

Your licensing fee allows yourself plus an unlimited number of staff to access the Florrie Flamingo© Lesson Plans and Teaching Materials. Your studio will receive an account through our website where you will be provided a studio access link assigned to your email address. From that account, you are provided access to your lesson plans and teaching materials which can be shared with your staff. 

+ Can I cancel my license? 

You can cancel your license at any time by canceling your $25/Month subscription payments. Your licensing fee will not be returned to you upon cancelling. You will lose access to all your teaching materials, lesson plans and the licensing group. You will have 7 business days from the time of cancelling to remove the Florrie Flamingo© logo, name and any copyrighted images from your website. You are authorized to continue selling any Florrie Flamingo© merchandise through your studio, however you will not be able to place additional orders for Florrie Flamingo© Merchandise at the discounted studio rate. 

+ Don't see your question? 

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