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Resolving to Raise a Reader in the New Year!

New Year's Resolutions are common place in today's world. Whether you're looking to

get in better shape, grow a business, write a book, travel more...the opportunities to better yourself and look at the New Year through a new lens is endless. For parents, some common New Year's Resolutions could include more family time and family outings, less tv and media time, or perhaps even read more! That's where we come in. We are sharing 5 tips to inspire you and your child to read more in 2020!

Tip 1: Plan your Reading Schedule

Like all resolutions or goals if you don't make a plan you should plan to fail. Grab your calendar or daily planner and mark out reading time for your day. It could start out as 15 minutes a day and you slowly add 5 minutes every week until you're reading 20 to 30 minutes a day. Same thing when setting your child's reading schedule. Select a time at night where all electronics turn off and your child should read a book for 15 minutes. Or, if your cihld is too young to read, schedule a daily night time storytime before bed. Make your schedule and stick to it!

Tip 2 - Create a Book List

You are more likely to read more if you are enjoying the books and content that you're reading. So go to the library and pick out books from different authors. Choose books on all different topics. Let your child read a few books and decide for themselves what they're favorite genre is or favorite author. Then be sure to grab those books each time you visit the library. You can also google authors similar to the one's who wrote the favorite books to expand your reading list.

Tip 3: Read Every Day

Even if you can't find the time to sit down and read book every day, find times where you can put down your phone and electronics and read a magazine. Maybe it's waiting at the Dr's office, or looking through a rack of brochures for fun new activities, or in the grocery store - swing by the magazine aisle and read a quick article. Get in the habit of reading every day not only for yourself but with your kids.

Tip 4 - Be a Reading Role Model

If you'd like to make reading a priority in your child's life, you should also work to make it a priority in yours. It's going to be a challenge to convince your child that reading is fun and exciting if they never see you reading a book. That's why planning a reading schedule that the whole family can follow is going to be integral in the success of you raising a reader. If your child turns off electronics to grab a book at a certain time, everyone should! Make it a habit for the whole family.

Tip 5 - Read and Review

The biggest challenge for young readers is understanding the words and vocabulary so they can relate those words and have better reading comprehension. Each day while you're out on errands be sure to have conversations with your child and discuss the things they see around them. Maybe you're driving and want to talk about the different cars on the road. Begin to use other words that are synonymous to the word - vehicle, automobile, truck, taxi, bus, etc. Then review those words with them at a later time. Also use descriptive adjectives when describing their surroundings. For example if you're watching the flamingos at the zoo use words such as pink, crimson, tall, balanced, feathery, elegant, graceful etc. The more vocabulary you can introduce to your child, the better they will be at reading comprehension.

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