BUNDLE: Florrie's Frozen Adventure Children's Book & Ballet Flash Cards

BUNDLE: Florrie's Frozen Adventure Children's Book & Ballet Flash Cards

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Florrie Flamingo© Ballet Terminology Flashcards

These bright and colorful Flashcards were created to assist baby ballerinas and tiny dancers in Creative Dance and Pre-Ballet classes with learning their ballet and dance terminology. The Florrie Flamingo© Flashcards include 26 cards (ABC’s of Dance) with one ballet or dance movement. Some cards include a fun dance related topic. There is a Flashcard for each letter of the alphabet! Florrie Flamingo© Flash Cards can be used to teach ballet terminology, they can be teach concepts such as Locomotor and Non-Locomotor, they can be used during an obstacle course to remind dancers which moves comes next, or just as a fun option for freeze dance! Florrie Flamingo© Flash Cards includes a set of 26 Oversized (4×6 inch) Colorful and Bright flash cards. (Flamingo Hats not included).


Florrie’s Frozen Adventure

Florrie's Frozen Adventure is a Children's Book designed to be incorporated into a Preschool aged ballet or dance class. Full of movement prompts as well as bright and colorful illustrations perfect to keep your dancers captivated. Florrie Flamingo© joins Swanhilda Swan© in Canada for a frozen adventure. Florrie learns how to build a snow swan (pliés and port de bras), make footprints in the snow (bourrées)