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Florrie's Frozen Adventure: BrainDance

BrainDance is a whole brain and body movement warm up developed by Anne Green Gilbert, that follows 8 patterns of movement that we develop naturally as infants. By practicing these patterns weekly we wake up our brains, align our bodies, develop better focus and concentration, and strengthen social and emotional skills.

The 8 BrainDance Patterns Include:

  • Breath

  • Tactile

  • Head/Tail

  • Upper/Lower

  • Body Side

  • Cross Lateral

  • Core Distal

  • Vestibular

To get kids excited about practicing these Patterns, children's book author, Jessica Strong developed a BrainDance warm up designed specifically for her book Florrie's Frozen Adventure! Enjoy the Florrie Flamingo BrainDance!

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