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Florrie Flamingo's First Ballet Class _
Florrie Flamingo's First Ballet Class _
Florrie's Frozen Adventure _ Children's
Florrie Flamingo ABC's of Dance and Flor
Florrie Flamingo Children's Book Bundle.
Florrie Flamingo's First Ballet Class an
Florrie Flamingo's Frozen Adventure and
Florrie Flamingo Ballet Flash Cards.png
Florrie Flamingo Children's Book Bundle

Ballet Curriculum

Florrie Flamingo's First ballet Class |
Florrie's Frozen Adventure Course Cover.

Author Story Times

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About Florrie Flamingo©

Florrie Flamingo© was created by retired professional ballet dancer, Jessica Clayton. Jessica has always dreamed of having a set of illustrated characters to use while teaching her in-school dance classes through Exploration Kids! Enrichment. Florrie Flamingo© started out as a 26 Flash card set where Florrie Flamingo is depicted in a dance position or scenario from A-Z. After the flash cards, Jessica when on to write her first children's book: Florrie's Frozen Adventure. A Children's Book designed to integrate in a preschool dance or preschool ballet class. She has written a total of 3 Ballet Books in the Florrie Flamingo© series. She now sells Florrie Flamingo© Ballet Curriculum through Florrie Flamingo© Ballet Lesson Plans designed for preschool and early elementary aged dancers ages 3-7. These lesson plans are offered through her Dance to Learn® Program.  

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